The ESCD invites dental professionals and technicians from all countries to become members of this esteemed association. Joining the ESCD is a simple matter of filling in the online membership form and then paying the annual membership fees. The ESCD has decided during the last general assembly in London that the membership fees are € 190,00 for Group One, and € 95,00 for all the other groups. You can find out your applicable fees by checking the country wise membership groups on this website. Once you are a paid up member you can start working towards the ESCD Certification program. Details of this program are available on the certification page.

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Why to join the ESCD?

Membership benefits

Professional development

Obtain help and support in your professional skills development – ESCD provides a respected training pathway leading to academic qualifications.


ESCD Certification demonstrates a real commitment to developing skills in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry.


Experience our legendary networking path, enjoy in our social events, share your ideas and good vibes…make new friends, have a fun!


At your local ESCD Study Club you can attend a workshops presented by ESCD certified members, network with your local colleagues and discuss issues common to all.


Keep up with our news, certification program, upcoming workshops and events!


Attend our Annual meetings and grab the opportunity to grow and learn from the best international experts in the field of esthetic dentistry!


With our support, access to resources and top-class education, you’ll acquire new skills you can immediately implement into your practice or laboratory.


Join us and enjoy the benefits of reduced seminar fees, inclusion on the website and access to a wealth of information and expertise.


We are determined to offer top-class education and services at prices affordable for everyone. Claim special subscription rates for your team members!

It really is superb value! Since its inception ESCD has been determined to offer top-class education and services at prices affordable for everyone. Individual membership of ESCD costs only 190.00 for dentists and 95.00 for dental team members! These costs are even lower if you live and practice in a developing country.

Membership Groups

To give the opportunity to every dentist and technician who wish to apply for membership in the ESCD (despite economically country situation) the membership fees are related and adapted to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of each country. The numbers are gathered from “The World Factbook“ the currency of GDP per capita is USD. Membership Groups are voted and accepted unanimously by the General Assembly on October 12, 2014 in Rome / Italy:

  • Membership Group 1
    • ESCD Certified Dentist: 250,00 €
    • ESCD Certified Dental Technician: 150,00 €
    • ESCD General Member Dentist: 190,00 €
    • ESCD General Member Dental Technician: 95,00 €
  • Membership Group 2
    • ESCD Certified Dentist: 150,00 €
    • ESCD Certified Dental Technician: 150,00 €
    • ESCD General Member Dentist: 95,00 €
    • ESCD General Member Dental Technician: 95,00 €

In case your country is not listed please contact ESCD at or via contact form.

AfghanistanGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
AlbaniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
AlgeriaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
AndorraGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
ArgentinaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
AustriaGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
BahrainGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
BelarusGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
BelgiumGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
BosniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
BrazilGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
BulgariaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
CanadaGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
ChileGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
ChinaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
ColombiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
CroatiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
CyprusGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
CzechRepublicGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
DenmarkGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
DominicanGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
EcuadorGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
EgyptGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
EstoniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
EstoniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
FinlandGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
FranceGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
GermanyGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
GreeceGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
HungaryGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
IcelandGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
IndiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
IranGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
IraqGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
IrelandGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
IsraelGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
ItalyGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
JapanGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
JordanGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
KenyaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
KosovoGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
KuwaitGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
LatviaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
LiechtensteinGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
LituaniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
LuxembourgGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
MacedoniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
MaltaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
MexicoGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
MoldovaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
MonacoGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
MontenegroGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
MoroccoGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
NetherlandsGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
NorwayGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
PakistanGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
PalestineGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
ParaguayGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
PeruGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
PolandGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
PortugalGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
QatarGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
RomaniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
RussiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
SanMarinoGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
SaudiArabiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
SerbiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
SlovakiaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
SloveniaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
SouthAfricaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
SpainGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
SwedenGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
SwitzerlandGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
TaiwanGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
ThailandGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
TurkeyGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
UAEGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
UkraineGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
United KingdomGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
UruguayGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)
USAGroup 1190,00 € (D/DT)
VenezuelaGroup 295,00 € (D/DT)

Student Membership For Undergraduates

Join the ESCD community today for FREE! (only for undergraduate students of dentistry) Request your free student subscription  or write to Simply indicating your name, city and university!

LucasMaximeFranceDental university of Paris
BastanteVictorHungaryUniversity of
WipfMatthieu FranceUFR Odontologie de
TatsisDimitris GreeceAristotle University of
RaoJonathan SpainUniversitat Internacional de
DiakonoffHadrienFranceDental university of
Nofal Sameh PalestineAl -Quds
  • You have the choice of making your ESCD annual payment via the net using a PayPal account or any Visa/Master Credit Card.
  • You can make your initial payment or your yearly subscription fees from this page.
  • Please note that there is a Merchants Instructions option available on the PayPal page after your credit card details have been verified.
  • Please enter any pertinent information in this field (e.g. if you are making a payment on behalf of another member).
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