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We, at ESCD, are passionate about cosmetic dentistry. We know it’s what more and more of our patients ask for so we’re our members get the best possible support and education to be able to offer excellent services to the public. Whether you are completely new to cosmetic dentistry or whether you’re already an experienced practitioner ESCD warmly welcomes you. We are open to students, professors and scientific dental community and professionals as well. Founded in 2003 by a group of practicing dentists, dental technicians and dental professors of different universities from all over Europe, the ESCD (former ESED) is a logical process, responding not only to the growing interest by the public in the cosmetic and esthetic dentistry, but also to the respective needs of the european dental practicioner to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field. Join us!

ESCD Office

The ESCD is managed by the Executive Committee of the ESCD for the primary affairs and an Expanded Executive Committee for looking after ancillary activities. The ESCD also has country chairpersons representing it in various countries and promoting and enhancing membership in its country.

Dr. Florin Lazarescu

Dr. Florin Lazarescu graduated in Bucharest, “Carol Davila” Medicine and Pharmaceutics University, Faculty of Dentistry in 1999. He has a MSc in Dental Implantology and Dental Radiology. He is a founder member of the Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania (SSER), the first professional association of Romania dedicated to promoting the modern principles of aesthetic dentistry. Since 2004 is editor in chief for the Cosmetic Dentistry Romania. He holds two Dental Clinics in Bucharest. His practice is a esthetically based one, with an accent on all-ceramic and implant restorative procedures. He is the author of numerous publications on issues surrounding dentistry. In present he is Project Manager of DENT (Dynamism, Efficiency and New Technologies in dental medicine). The general objective of the project, sponsored by EU, is represented by the increased adaptability and competitiveness of dentists, by participating in professional training courses, facilitating, thus, the accumulation of new knowledge, the development of their abilities and aptitudes encouraging the improvement of individual performances, in concordance with their professional goals, as well as the adoption of the new technologies in the field of dental medicine and the promotion of flexible forms of work organization. Dr. Lazarescu is the member of several prestigious associations (such as International Academy for Dental and Facial Esthetics, European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry, Romanian National Union of Dental Association).

Dr. Luca Dalloca
Immediate Past President

Dr. Dalloca has received his dental degree from Tufts University Boston, and from the university of Pavia (Italy). He has been trained in advanced education in prothodontics at U.C.L.A. He has also a C.D.T. certificate from the dental technology institute in Orange California and from the school of Dental Technology Casati of Milan (Italy). He is a Professor at the European Master in Aesthetic and restorative Dentistry at the Manchester University, He has been Visiting Professor at the Postgraduate Program in Restorative Dentistry at the department of Oral Science of the University of Siena; Clinical Visiting Professor, Oral Health Sciences Centre, and Continuing Education Instructor in Aesthetic Dentistry, University of Portland, Oregon; Clinical Associate at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts. Authors of several International aesthetics articles. He is an International speaker since 1993. He works as a prosthodontist in his own practice with the help of 41 people between specialists and assistants Since 1997 he belongs to the Oral Design group headed by Willy Geller. He is Fellow, certified member and President of the ESCD (European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry) and member of many prestigious international Associations.

Dr. Marco Nicastro
Vice President

Marco Nicastro takes a degree in “Odontoiatria e Protesi Dentaria (Dentistry and Dental Prosthesis) at the University of Rome “ La Sapienza in 1989. Since the beginning he is interested in prosthesis restoration dentistry and aesthetic problems. From 1990 to 1996 he attends Prof. Martignoni’s studio, where he develops his prosthesis knowledge. From 1993 to 1998 he cooperates as lecturer with the Oral Design Centre in Rome, directed by Mr. Ferretti and Mr. Felli, giving lectures and courses about aesthetic restoration either in Italy or in foreign countries. In the same period he enlarges his experience in aesthetics, attending training courses at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland. Since 1993 he has been cooperating with Mr. Francesco Ferretti in the organization of Courses and Conferences, paying particular attention to metal free methodology. He is one of the founder and active member of Gimnasium interdisciplinary CAD-CAM (GICC), a certified member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD), an active member of the Italian Society of Conservative Dentistry and a partner of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry. He carries on his profession in Rome, confining it to prosthetic and aesthetic restoration. His researches and studies are published in Italy and foreign countries. He gives national and international lectures about the aesthetic restorations

Dr. Seppo Lindroos
General Secretary

Dr. Seppo Lindroos graduated in University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine. His private practice Dental Clinic MEDIDENT – Center for Dental Esthetic and Implantology is one of the leading practises in Finland. Dr. Lindroos is a Certified Member of European Society of Esthetic Dentistry and a member in several prestigious associations like American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and Finnish Dental Association. He is an author of many articles about esthetic dentistry on which he has lectured in national and international congresses

Mauro Bazzoli
CC Coordinator

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Genoa. Immediately he dedicated himself to Dentistry with focus on prosthodontics following the teachings of Dr. C. De Chiesa, P.K. Thomas, Prof. Martignoni. Member of several Scientific Societies, he’s Active Certified Member of ESCD from 2006. He is co-owner with Dr.Mainetti and Dr. Treccani of a Dental Clinic in Brescia (Italy) where he dedicates particularly to Esthetic prosthodontic.

Igor Ristic
Chairman for Education

After graduating in Serbia in 1996, Dr Ristic searched the new frontiers emerging trends in esthetic dentistry and implantology. In 1999, he finished specialization in dental prosthodontics with special accent on all-ceramic adhesive restorations. In 2001 established in Belgrade, Serbia, his private practice Center for Dental Esthetic and Implantology. Dr Ristic loves teaching treatment planing and various clinical procedures through lectures, hands-on trainings and workshops with focus on all-ceramic and implant restorative procedures. He gave more than 60 lectures nationally and internationally. In 2008 Dr Ristic was awarded with a Fellowship from the ‘International Academy of Dental Facial Aesthetics’ in New York, an recognition shared by worlds eminent dental professionals. One of the founding members of Serbian Academy of Esthetic dentistry, Certified ESCD Member of the board, member of BaSS, ITI, AACD and affiliate member of IADFE.

Prof. Dr Wolfgang Richter, DDS, PhD, FESCD
Chairman for International Postgraduate Education

After intense education in Germany and U.S.A. in 1986 he established his dental practice in Duesseldorf/Germany focused on Esthetic Dentistry and Oral Implantology. Since many years he is course instructor and visiting lecturer for dentists in those fields of dentistry. In 1987 he was Founding Member of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and Founding President of the German Association of Esthetic Dentistry (DGAEZ) in 1992. 1992 and 1994 he was publisher and co-author of the 2 volume textbook “Aesthetics and Function”. As Founding President of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) in 2003 he was significantly involved into the Europeanwide certification system and quality management. From 2005 to 2010 Dr. Richter was running a private esthetic dental practice in Salzburg/Austria and currently is practising in London/UK. He is Honorary President of the ESCD and has been Clinical Lead of the postgraduate program “Master of Science in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry” (The University of Manchester/UK & Smile-on Ltd, London/UK) in 2010 and 2011. Since 2005 he is member of the Editorial Board of the “International Magazine of Cosmetic Dentistry” and member of the International Advisory Board of “Smile Dental Journal” since 2009 (mainly distributed in the Middle East and Gulf Areas). Currently Professor Richter is leading postgraduate education programs in Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry in the Middle East and Western Asia.

Daniel Baketic
Chairman for Laboratory Techniques

Professional with over 15 years of work experience in restorative dentistry – Certified ESCD member – Country Chairman ESCD Croatia 2008-2015 – Chairman and Board member ESCD 2015 – Member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine – Educational Adviser Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine – Owner and Director of Center for Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry and Dental Implantology – Active in organizing educational programs and lecturing an minimally invasive dentistry.

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Dr. Gregory Brambilla
Scientific Aspects

Dr. Gregory Brambilla has a degree at University of Milan (Italy). He started his career with a particular eye for esthetics with the thesis “Face’s morphometry and aesthetics”. Past tutor for restorative and prosthodontics c/o University of Milan. Master in prosthetic and adhesive esthetic restorative c/o University of Siena (Italy). Author and co-author in several scientific works, he has lectured worldwide on restorative dentistry and veneers. Lecturer in the first “European Master of Science in Esthetic Dentistry”. Active Member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry. Certified Member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry. Fellow Member of the International Academy for Dental and Facial Esthetics. Honorary Member of the Society of Esthetic Dentistry in Romania.

Kamilla Azimova
Media, Public Relations & Internet

Dr. Kamila Azimova, graduated from the Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU) in Minsk, the Faculty of Dentistry, in 2010. Followed by a six-month advanced course at the Dental Therapy Faculty at BSMU and a degree at the Vilnius State Medical University , in 2011. From 2012, the Head of Cosmetic Dentistry at the private clinic in Vilnius. From 2013, the Country Chairperson of ESCD for Lithuania and a founder and CEO of ADC Group (Advanced Dental Courses) in London.

George Freedman
International Affairs

Dr. George Freedman is a founder and past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a founder of the Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry. He is the Chairman of the Clinical Innovations Conference (London, United Kingdom) as well as the Dental Innovations Forum (Singapore). He is a past director of CE programs in Esthetic Dentistry at the Universities of California at San Francisco, Florida, UMKC, Minnesota, Baylor College and Case Western Reserve and was the founding Associate Director of the Esthetic Dentistry Education Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Dr. Freedman is the author or co-author of 9 textbooks, more than 200 dental articles, and numerous CDs, video and audiotapes and is a Team Member of REALITY. He has been listed as one of the leaders in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today every year since 1997. He is a past director of CE programs in Esthetic Dentistry at the Universities of California at San Francisco, Florida, UMKC, Minnesota, Case Western Reserve, and Baylor College. A Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, he lectures internationally on dental esthetics, dental technology, and photography, and has been a featured or keynote speaker at most of the major dental conferences in North America. Dr. Freedman maintains a private practice limited to Esthetic Dentistry in Toronto, Canada.

Martin Joergens
Interdisciplinary Aspects

Martin Joergens

Dr. Maria Csillag
Administration Affairs

She has finished Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry in 1998 in Budapest. From then on she has been working as a tutor, researcher, now mandatory lecturer at the Department of Conservative Dentistry, Semmelweis University, Hungary. From 2008 she is private aesthetic dentist, and owner and director of Smylist® Ltd. In 2009. debuted her developed Smylist® Professional smile design simulation software and 2015. Smylist® Aesthetic Preplanning Software with success. Her new smile design concept (Smylist® method) based on Smylist® face analysis has already been educated at most of Medical Universities. She is the founder of W.A.C.P.(White Aesthetic Conscious Pre-plannig) technique, unparalleled new digital predesign method and the new Midline Concept. In 2013 she created new Smylist® face muscel analysis and therapy. She has been delivering training sessions, courses and lectures all over the world. She is the founder of SMylist Academy. www.smylist.com, www.smylistdentist.com

Dr Guido Picciocchi
Students Relations

Dott. Guido Picciocchi work at Oral Design Center, Milano. Center property of Dott. Luca Dalloca that rise at excellence in prosthodontic, there he developed his skill in the topis of esthetic, he practice daily with operative microscope. Active member ESCD; winner of the award in Florence 2008 for the best esthetic research; Master in Smile design-moke up and esthetic plan; Master in Dental Photography and Video for the communication with the technician; International lecturer and author of articles on adhesion and ceramic-composite research

Your Country Chairperson can help with any question you may have about ESCD activities in your own country and can help you with issues like the payment of subscriptions, enrolling your dental team members and traveling to our Annual Meetings. To find your Country Chairperson use the search option bellow.

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